Assignment 103 – Ekaterina Svetlysheva

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  1. It was a good idea for you to overlay the image with a texture and more color. Good choice in font and color scheme as well! The composition is very easy for viewers to follow through.

  2. It looks really neat how you lined up the dates with the corner of the building to create an effect. I also feel like the font type you used was perfect! Also making the dates red and underlining the months was a really good idea. The color of the image also added an interesting and cool effect.

  3. I think the background image and its color fit very well with the red and white font, I also enjoy the vertical line of numbers that helps draw the eye as well as define the corner of the building!

  4. The font works great with the background image. Gives a sort of 80s luftballoon style.

  5. I love your poster. It is challenging to use a background color with a lot of bright colors, but you did a great job. The colors work very well and make your design aesthetic.

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