Assignment 103 – Lecture Series Poster

Assignment 103 - Lecture Series Poster

By Juan-Carlos

Architecture Student

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  1. Hello Juan,
    The color palette that you stuck with is very different and unique and I think that’s what makes your poster standout. However, because everything is close to the same value it gets a little hard to read the people’s names, I would suggest to bump up the contrast and see how it looks from a distance. On that same note, the items that are reading really well is the black subtext (ie. dvc location, ace college, etc.), which is really distracting to your piece overall. In conclusion, a really neat concept, but it needs some refinement to be a final poster.

  2. Your poster is very informative while structurally well done. The character also shows hierarchy obviously which let me tell what is important information.

  3. I love the colors on this poster. They look very nice together and help the information flow easier to the viewer. Good job!

  4. I like that you used the same colors in fonts and pictures and how you changed the opacities.

  5. I like the colors you used which matched with the background photo, the poster is very easy to follow and you can see the hierarchy.

  6. I like the background color of your poster as it looks very eye catching. The letters are also looks very neat. It is one of the best i have ever seen. Good job

  7. Thomas Baumgartner

    Good job in incorporating the same colors from the windows in the building to the background and the colors of the text.

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