Assignment 103- Mary Pinpin


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  1. wow, it is really great! i like the light medium and dark for the font and the color of red. it looks nice. moreover, the tower it go forward to complete from left to right, it looks interesting.

  2. Beautiful poster but some elements are a tad confusing. The “location” and “time” make sense but given the placement I am unsure if it pertains only to a certain lecture or to all of them. It may also help to line up the month names with the top rather than the bottom because the human eye will go from left to right, top to bottom. They will see all the lectures first before seeing when the lectures are.

  3. I really like the layout of your poster. The dark red works very well with the grey tone. You bold the grey letters but not the red one so as to balance the weight of the colors. The use of font is great and the poster is neat, calm, and comfortable to look at . The bottom shows the construction process of the Eiffel Tower and the way you arrange the content matches with the height of the tower. Great job!

  4. you have very clean and well organized design, so that readers can find the information very quickly. good job!

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