Assignment 103 – Payam Golestani



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  1. This poster is very informative. I can get the most essential information within a very short time. All the colors are close to each other on the spectrum, which makes the color theme clear. The use of warm colors is very welcoming, much better than saying “welcome” directly on the poster. I like it.

  2. The color tone is really beautiful and attractive. I like the use of the rule of third in your poster. Good use of font and the whole poster is very catchy to viewers’ eyes.

  3. I love this poster. The font choices- type, size and color- worked very well. It gives the poster a professional feel to it. I also like how the background and the body of the poster blend well together. Good job!

  4. I like the design of your poster. Especially, on the right, you used triangular patterns with different colors. it looks really creative. And, the color of fond and kerning are well matched with your background 🙂

  5. I love the beautiful, sophisticated color palette and subtle geometry, but the overall effect is that the type and background are so harmonious the poster may be taken in more as art than an announcement.

  6. i love this warm color and the geometric shape at the background is really nice. everything is perfect! Good job!!

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