Assignment 103 – Ryan Eng – Lecture Series

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  1. The evening photo of the book store is a nice change of pace as I don’t think most students would see it at that time. I also really like how you color matched the green with the school colors. I personally think that the photos on the bottom would be better if the corners weren’t covered by the overlay and were just shown in full but that could just be opinion

  2. I like your choice of colors to resemble the school, I think the circle in the top center serves as a spotlight to the title of the poster, the font is not big but because of the circle it grabs attention, making it very clear on what it is about. Good job.

  3. I really like the design as it looks very simple and very eye catching. The use of the background color also represents the school. also putting the text in an order looks very neat. well done

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