Assignment 104

Assignment 104 Assignment 104  Assignment 104

I got a lot of practice with the live paint and pen tools. I liked the palette I uploaded and making the points of my lines unique. Wis I could have figured out how to correct how the lines showed up on some parts.

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  1. Hi Donna, It does really show you got lots of practice! Very vibrant color palette and also very dynamic, and lots of movements between the two birds. I also like the spring touch of the sunflower. Excellent work!

  2. Hello Donna,
    I love the composition of your piece overall, it feels like spring/summer. I also like the mirrored take on the two birds, with the slight changes in color. Really awesome job.

  3. Wonderful work with good performance. Your picture is filled with bright colors and gives spring mood. Thank you for your work!

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