Assignment 104 – Adrienne Laing (Calcote)

Charley H Batpdf

By Adrienne

Adrienne is focusing on creating her design and writing portfolios as she pursues a freelance career. Adrienne is currently working on defining her niche and personal brand and would like to develop content for web and printed media that explores philosophy, art, and popular culture.

Comments (4)

  1. Great job on your illustration. The bats look cool to look at I like the design you made the pointy forms and lines add to the menacing look that bats are known for. The earth tone dark colors is also a great creative choice it supports the creepy tone.

  2. great illustration, i like how Semitic the birds and the lines are very symmetric. every line look summitry with each other. this would make a great charley harper illustration work. good job!

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