Assignment 104 – Charley Harper Illustration


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  1. I like how the leaves flutter and the footprints of birds are well expressed. There is a cat in the picture, but it is surprised me to have the footprints of a bird.

  2. The layering of visual elements is a successful strategy! The leaves, pollen, and nuts falling in the foreground and the bird tracks in the background give a sense of depth and creates a space for the main subject, the cat, to sit. If it fits it sits!

  3. I love the color palette on this. I also like all the intricate details that really make this piece pop.

  4. The detail in this is amazing. I like how the colors match well with each other. How you placed the leaves and footprints make the whole picture come together.

  5. Great work! You use thin lines to draw the cat’s eyes to make the eyes look very sharp. The cat’s pattern is very delicate, and the leaves, fruits and footprints on the side are also well matched.

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