Assignment 104 – David Monaghan

Assignment 104

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  1. Hello, I like your color scheme. I like the way you made the nest and the birds look like they are talking to each other. Your leaves are done nicely as well. Good Job.

  2. Great job on the illustration! Your design captures that sketch drawing look Charlie Harper does in his pieces. My favorite part of your illustration are the design of the birds simplistic triangle and circle forms and the thin lines make it look pleasing to look at. I also like your color choices with the monochromatic look in the green hues well separated use of green using a variety of green shades throughout all the elements in your illustration.

  3. I love everything in this piece. It has all the details but still looks simple and clean, especially the detail of the nest. The colour palette is also well chosen. You did an amazing job on this assignment.

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