Assignment 104 – Jarron Ho

I redrew this tiger created by Charley Harper with Adobe Illustrator and I name it Bruno

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  1. I really like the addition of the glasses to the tiger as it gives it more personality and is much more fun overall. The rainbow rings and leaves at the bottom also help differentiate this piece in your own way nicely. Great job!

  2. Your redesign is very cute. – give this tiger a totally new taste. The way you used blue color instead of orange gave this tiger a bit of “cool/dark” feeling; however, you added a pair of glasses which made this tiger looked “nice/mild”. A very interesting contrast.

  3. Wow, what you did is almost exactly the same as the original picture. You can see that you spent a lot of energy. The new color combination you chose is very suitable, and I really like your idea of putting a pair of glasses on the tiger, which is very interesting.

  4. the color combination you chose to work with is more lively and playful than the original. Interesting idea adding the leaves at the bottom corners although I think continuing the leaf idea on the top corners add to the symmetrical and radiating themes in this piece.

  5. the radial composition works really well here. I also love all the details you put into the tiger’s face. well done.

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