Assignment 104: Joel Beaird


By j.beaird

Digital gardens and internal architecture

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  1. Wow this is incredible. I can tell you spent tons of time perfecting this image. I appreciate all the countless little details you added to the background. The main character is very unique as well but the overall style still feels very much Charley Harper! Great job!

  2. This really caught my attention. The palette is really fitting, organic and vibrant at the same time, presenting an emergence, or “Awakening” as you noted. The repetitive vertical lines also lend a feeling of rising upward. You might consider leaving the text off and let the work speak for itself.

  3. This is a great interpretation of a Charley Harper illustration! There is a great amount of detail and I appreciate how the cat is subtle but is there when you take the time to look at your project. Great job!

  4. This is actually incredible, the use vertical lines were a really good choice for breaking up the entire image.

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