Assignment 104 – Kim Hill

By Kim Hill

A few years ago, I made a major career change and started taking horticulture and landscape design courses. I am primarily using Landscape Architect Pro for my design program. I am eager to learn the programs you are going to be showing us. I’m certain it will greatly improve my ability to present design concepts to my clients.

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  1. I love this! I think that the placement of the birds as well as the varying sizes and colors does wonders for this image. I especially like the focus on the center due to the blue bowtie you added. Great work!

  2. I love it. Its giving me really cool retro vibes. Love the Contrast and the directions of the birds compliment each other. Great work indeed!

  3. It is an amazing piece of work. I’ve seen the original work, and your work seems to have Charlie Harper’s strong points well, giving him a little variation. The geometrical shapes such as circles and triangles are well represented, and birds are getting attention by using similar colors. Good job.

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