Assignment 104 – Mark Anthony White


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  1. Great work with details. The color of the sea and sky is the same, giving a sense of unity, and I can feel the great delicacy in the feathers of birds. In addition, lines of various shapes to express waves are well made. It is really impressive.

  2. Really good work. I really like what you created it looks amazing. I like the details that you made.

  3. The details are amazing! The stroke of the feathers really add more to the overall piece! Good job with the color scheme too!

  4. I really like your drawing, the smoothness in the lines for the Swans are really well done. I like the entire composition. The simple color palette and the simplicity. Great job!

  5. I really like this works. I can feel silence through this work. This sceen that geese under moon light are so beautiful.

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