Assignment 104 – Payam Golestani

Fall2015-ARCHI135-Assign104_03 Fall2015-ARCHI135-Assign104_03

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  1. Well Done! it seems like fantasy in the animation. and i like the grid in background. also everything on the picture.

  2. The color scheme is really beautiful and the whole composition is well balanced! Good use of red color on the right to balance the heavy weight formed by the rich composition on the left. Great work!

  3. Your work looks really nice! The details are amazing. Although, I think a little bit more attention on the repetition of geometric shapes would make it better. Great job!

  4. Nicely done! I like the snail very much and you are making use of the color perfectly! In order to improve, i think you can use more geometric shapes.

  5. i like the details you draw in the picture, it looks really nice. however, it is not really clear about the content and make me think about it for a moment.

  6. very pretty Charley Harper’s style picture. colors are not so light, but it catch my eyes very well. grid on the background also make contrast. very impressive picture!

  7. Amazing illustration. I liked how you created a depth with the use of color tones and layering. Colors are also well chosen which have a autumn atmosphere.

  8. Perfect details. And the thing that interests me the most is the snails and the mushrooms form a shape that almost looks like two old people standing, facing with each other.

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