Assignment 104 – Pericles Bien

Charley Harper Illustration

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  1. Austin Braunberger

    Good job on the painting this really looks like a painting that Charley harper would have made great work I like the birds.

  2. Very cute ducks. I like the color you chose. Also, the flowing lines for wind and the water are very interesting. Great work.

  3. I really like the colors used in this illustration, it is a great job and the white lines adds a lot of effect on whats going on in the picture.

  4. so cute! look at these seagulls go not eating trash, a rare sighting, your composition is very cool draws your eye to the dynamic bird at the end.

  5. i like how all the birds are looking one way besides one. also, remind me of the Finding Nemo “mine” birds

  6. Thomas Baumgartner

    This almost repeating line of birds reminds me of the movie Finding Nemo. I really enjoy the movement created by the wind with the waving white lines.

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