Assignment-104-Riku Kuwazuru

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  1. I like your work. I believe you gave this piece of art your hard work to make it good. well done!

  2. Hello Kuwazuru, Your work looks like and remind me a Japanese woodblock print! Your work is very tasteful and your color palette choice is neat. The sense of depth is emphasize by the moon reflection on the pond, and finally the different directions the ducks go, gives a sense of movement but also a sense of peaceful at the same time . Well achieved.

  3. This turned out excellent. The amount of detail and effort that went into this really shows in the final product. Great job.

  4. I love the background color of your work. The color goes well together. Those branches make the composition more interesting, Great work.

  5. this work is put together very well. i like the colors used and the perception of depth through the reflection of branches in the water.

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