Assignment 105 – Diego Asencio

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  1. Very interesting version, Diego. I think you took a lot on with the with the piers and decking. That is very original and interesting since there are meadows in Yosemite where this approach would be an option among others, especially in over-flow years when the snow melt is heavy.

  2. It’s interesting to put the cabin up on piers, that could help a bit with keeping out the wildlife. In the next generation, you might want to modify the bedrooms and bathroom, the nook for the one bed would be inconvenient to get in and out of, or change the sheets.

  3. This is a very complex work, and at the same time very modern design sense. I like your font choice and design very well! Great work

  4. I am impressed by the varying angles of the roof and the shape of your design in general. It is all very intriguing.

  5. Nice idea with the platform, it will be good for snowmelt and animals. Your design looks very professional and extensive. Good job!

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