Assignment 106

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  1. I really like your background and the bright colors. The texture on your cabin is really nice; the people are very well scaled. Nice job on your floorplan

  2. I love the color scheme you went with. It’s more unique and bright which can make your cabin more inviting and interesting. Also, is that you in the very first picture?

  3. I like your background with a small river. Maybe you could try to make the person smaller in the second picture.

  4. Great views. Your perspective view go well with scenery around, and it is interesting that you divided the house into some parts and made the roof height different. Also, the background of plan view and elevation view maintain the unity of your house’s views.

  5. It is nice idea to use the background image with the small river. It must be a very comfortable site. Also, good job on finding a good perspective of the building.

  6. I think the background and your house well harmonize together and look beautiful. I also like how you placed your plan view in the forest.

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