assignment 106-dahyun oh

front-eleavation207 section-130

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  1. The detail in the section cut is awesome, very impressive. The perspective shot was an interesting choice and the only issue would be the child. She should be much smaller than an adult would be in this scene so she seems a little too big.

  2. Very beautiful house! I like the outdoor space in the entrance, making the house very welcoming. Good job!

  3. Nice design. I like the interior/exterior space in the center of your house. It lets the landscape come in the house. Overall, your perspective came out really nice. I recommend just editing the image in order to make it look more realistic.

  4. The design is not bad, I like your section view. Something that you can improve may be the shadow, you should focus on your background image to get a right angle.

  5. On the elevation view, I think you should put some wood or stone texture to enhance the design. And I think the kid should be smaller, otherwise it seems like you house is very small.

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