Assignment 107 – Final Portfolio – Holland Seropian

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  1. Great occuring theme of the black background, very clean look. However I would make sure that those last images blends in with the black background, as they are different shades of black.

  2. It is unique that the cover page is vertical not the landscape. Black background gives modernism and simple feelings.

  3. Sebastian McAnulty

    Good job buddy looks like uou didn’t rush this at this last minute. Also looks like you didn’t have disgruntled print shop owner charge you an extra 60 dollars for printing two portfolios than her coworker said because “you used a lot of ink”

  4. The layout is very nice! Maybe one thing change if I had done it this way is to switch up the text – on the left pages, it’d be on the left, and for the right pages, on the right. But overall it’s pretty good on its own

  5. I like the dark and simple theme that you have in your portfolio. Although it is very simple it is still very eye-catching and professional.

  6. i like your black theme very much, and the font you chose is really nice also, they created a nice style in your portfolio.

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