Assignment 102 – Zoraida

By Zoraida

Hello, My name is Zoraida and I am studying architecture on the side. I am in construction and have been intrigued by the process which leads me to where I am.

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  1. It looks like we had the same idea to put something in a cup! I really like your idea of putting another location inside of the mug, and it was really well executed! I also really just liked the pool photo itself, as there is something really pleasing about the colors in it.

  2. Great photo! I like how it turned out and the pool color is amazing. Also, I think the colors of the objects around the mug helped as well the idea.

  3. Hello Zoraida. I loved how well your two photographs blended together due to them using the same perspective of looking down. That was a clever use of setting up your shots for successfully editing them together instead of trying to blend to wildly different images. Very nice composite image, it works very well.

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