Assignment 201 – Celine Angelia

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  1. What an incredible table and chair. I love the modern appeal. The way you articulated the cubbies and the glass top looks so realistic. However the shadow tends to fight the image and takes over some of the details. Perhaps you can take out that element from your images to better show off you great work.

  2. This chair and desk is a very interesting composition, I could definitely see this in an office. Very beautifully designed

  3. Celine, good job! Your table and chair are pretty stylistic. I love this a lot, pretty modern and technology-oriented. If the post could be more clear and detailed for me to look at. That would be great

  4. Really cool desk and chair! I think the sitting surface might be a little uncomfortable but its a very good looking modern design. I am a little confused by the texture that is on the desk surface next to the glass. Nevertheless, the composition looks great.

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