Assignment 201 – Qianni Liu

By Qianni

Hi Adams! I am Qianni, I am the new student for the architecture. Hope I can do well on the classes.

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  1. I like your work a lot. From my perspective, I can see you want to create something for child and I think you successfully did that. Your shape is mostly curve, the raindrop chair is sooooo cute. I love it. And the texture you chose also makes me feel pretty relax and active. Good work!

  2. I think the table and chair are both really cool designs. I am unsure about the comfort of the chair, but it looks very cool and organic. The texture mapping and seems on the chair are a little distracting. However, the composition looks really playful.

  3. The harmony between the table and the chair reveal on the render and composition. It seems simple but pretty elegant.
    You make a great choice on the materials of The table and the chair.

  4. It has really great color on the model and background. It has nice shape of chair. This chair looks comfortable.

  5. It is really interesting about the design for your table and chair. and the color you choose is pretty interesting. and the angle the shadow. anyway, it is pretty good design on this assignment .

  6. Nice rendering with unique chair.It reminds me of the beauty blender and water drop, in general, it gives me a very comfortable feeling just imagining sitting on that chair

  7. I like the design and the materials that you have used to create this modern design. The chair is a really unique material.

  8. This design is very unique and the materials chosen are done well. The materials and color compliment each other well.

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