Assignment 201 – Sota Kanzan

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  1. Off the top, the chairs immediately reminded me of origami formed bird cranes. I think the sharp edges make it difficult to understand what kind of material is used — practically speaking, the sharp edges aren’t practical, but beautiful to look at none the less.

  2. Your design looks like a origami crane. Very interesting! I think the table match the chair which looks nice. Also, the materials that you used wonderful, you used the wood material kind of highlight the chair and table.

  3. Hi, sota, you created such an excellent organic shape. I love it. I think the texture you chose is what I like most. Those textures were born on your table and chair. Especially the seperate wood shape on your table, is an excellent design idea.

  4. Love the different concept, very distinct and potentially dangerous. I have to ask, were you intending on having the chair be an interior chair or an exterior chair?

  5. Nice design and it is amazing how you combine shape together. and render material is smart choice for chair and desk. and some wood stick randomly separate on the table, which is pretty interesting on this part.

  6. Hi, I really love your work for this assignment. I see that you got your inspiration from origami and it’s really interesting to make it look realistic through this chair and table composition.The cushion on the chair looks comfortable as well as stylish. Nice work!

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