Assignment 203 – Jackson Pipkins


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  1. Hey Jackson, good job on the HDRI settings, the settings you chose really give off a strong regal vibe. I also really like the 2nd render image you chose, it does a good job of giving the viewer a sense of scale and it shows how large the building is.

  2. I like that you chose to split the building into two segments, I did the same and even tough we loose some space I think the visual result is worth it wouldn’t you say? Good job!

  3. Hi Jackson, I especially like your rendering with clouds and sky. Very good balance with light and shadow. Your building design is also very interesting.

  4. Great building. The angles of your renders look really nice and your renders are very well done. I like how your sky gives a dark and light background to your building. Super interesting.

  5. If I were to say it in shape-terms, the structure looks like a classic Chicago-style skyscraper. Now with the glass surface, it kind of gives a modern twist to it.

  6. Thats a sick way of splitting up the building, that last render is little confusing tho, great job overall tho

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