Assignment 204 – Kailey Caldwell

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  1. Nice renders! I like how the second fixture turned out. The way the light hits the wall and creates shadows is really interesting.

  2. It is very cool! The rendering makes the scene very nice, and the light gives a sense of secure which is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your design looks very minimalist and classic. Also your rendering looks great. Nice Job!

  4. Nice work! The shadow that the light cast is really nice. It adds another design to your house, and give it this cool touch.

  5. Nice designs. These lights work not only as a light source itself but also a part of the essential furniture in the space, so these lights are meant to be there even if the light is off.

  6. Your house looks very cozy and modern. And your light fixtures match up with it and creates a even better environment.

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