Assignment 205 _ Edward Bond

MT. Enzo by Edward Bond

Brief: An Artist Retreat inspiration by the architects and artist Zaha Hadid, Frank Loyd Wright, And Enzio Mari.

Objective: Create a structure that is graceful, powerful, and efficient with curvaceous organic forms and circular open floor plane.

Note: I started designing this structure with the idea of creating a form that blends itself into the mountainside like the wind that flows overhead. I wanted to instill the feeling of an open nurturing space that is securely embedded in the ground but open to the elements. With large glass sliding doors, ground to roof windows, and glass railing, I tried to embrace the light and environment that surrounded the building while still allowing for the residents to feel contained and protected from the open space. With an iron roof, cement, granite, and tile flooring, I tried to create a foundation that will be lasting and would be able to withstand the stress of extreme weather conditions. With wood and vibrantly fabricated furniture, I tried to tie together the structure and balance out the use of solid cold and soft warm material.

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  1. This is awesome, Edward.
    Way to embrace the challenge of curving forms. The juxtaposition of rectilinear and curve creates an intriguing dialogue. The roof evokes Zaha Hadid; the ziggurat stairs, Carlos Scarpa; and the rear deck, Gaudi. Good company and influences

  2. Edward, it was eventful to see this project unfold. I enjoyed reading your note and I think you were able to execute your intents successfully. Not only have you modeled a home but an entire space. Great work.

  3. This house really surprised me. I didn’t think it was gonna be much from that first image of the entrance but once you get around to the back it really does pull the rug from under your feet. Great job man

  4. Excellent programming Edward! Love how the indoor and outdoor spaces synthesize together to create such a spacious experience. It’s very organic and fun to see. The second-floor hole on top of the tree reminds me of the traditional Tsuboniwa Japenese gardening system.

  5. Very complex. I love all of the curving features of this build. There is very good attention to detail. Super interesting.

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