Assignment 205, Daniel J. Medina

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  1. your renderings are great and I really like the render you have done with the environment of Lake Tahoe. very well done with these you have done a great job.

  2. It’s pretty cool to put a computer for the interior! Very creative. Ans the computer screen’s color match to the material you chose.

  3. I like the brick and steel combo, it reminds me of the dvc et building complex. I would’ve liked to see more interior renderings. Good job tho

  4. Great overall project. Rendering and modeling are nicely executed. I can see you have have a good grasp on materials. The design is smart and interesting. Theres a circulation around the space. Great job

  5. Somehow the design reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie house. Very nice circulation, and massing. Love how you managed to segregate the spaces through the massing.

  6. This is a great build. All the different levels throughout the build are so interesting and they are connected to each other well. The outside area is just as well developed as the interior. The continuity of your design is on point with all of the aspects being cubes or rectangular boxes. The materials are laid out nicely and it is well lit. It is very dark with all the metal and brick materials but there is also a lot of natural light with the big windows. Really great job.

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