Assignment 205: Ethan Oh

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  1. your interior view and your section views look really good. The geometric of your building is interesting and unique.

  2. Your renders are very clean and clear. I like your overall design and I really like your lights inside and out of your building. You have done a great job with this assignment good job.

  3. I really like the series of rectangular shapes that lean on the home, its a nice way of making your house stand out. I think it would have been cool to work on the lighting a bit more in that area to make it stand out even more for the night renderings. It still looks really good tho, good job

  4. Great design. I like how you didn’t vertically limit yourself and gave so much headspace throughout each floor, the bedroom’s ceiling height is awesome. Also, I really like the angled side structure, it looks like flat planes laid up against the building, something so straight forward that adds so much dynamic form and lighting into the building. Very Nice.

  5. Very elegant design. The extruded roof creates a very interesting spatial experience. Those domino roofs personify the overall design very much.

  6. Very cool building. It is simple but has that creative and artistic aspect that adds a complex and beautiful aspect to the build. The angular part of the building was a good and interesting choice.

  7. I agree with everybody good job, this feels elegant, yes thats the word. I love the light fixture you created, supercool eclipse effect.

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