Assignment 205 – Joshua Gregory

By Joshua Gregory

Hello, My name is Joshua Gregory and I am an Architecture student. Fall 2019 is my sixth semester here at DVC, but hopefully I am able to transfer this year to Cal Poly SLO or another couple colleges that im considering I look forward to getting to know everyone, and learning a lot from your comments and feedback!

Comments (12)

  1. I like the large glass wall design since you can see the views outside and the wooden texture that makes the space warm.

  2. I really like your design. My favorite part is the curved glass wall on the second floor because it allows a lot of light to enter and also works to give a great view.

  3. wow, I really like the huge curved glass wall. And the furniture is quite fit with the design of the house.

  4. Very nice work in working around these organic shapes and still being able to make it aesthetic and functional at the same time Josh! The lighting looks so good, I also like how you added that little painting in the second render that adds more detail to your retreat

  5. i love the huge curved glass wall! its amazing, and the quality of the renderings is so good! nice job

  6. The house has a really interesting shape. The top story room is very cool. I think thats the meditating room. Good job!

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