Assignment 3- Lecture Series- Kailey Caldwell


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  1. Hello,
    I like your poster overall and that you stuck with a really nice theme of yellow, blue, and black and whites. Additionally, you made the main focus of your poster the people’s names and their degrees which is really smart. Overall well done.

  2. Austin Braunberger

    The poster is very well maintained as I can clearly see the flow lines and the column lines of the poster I like how you integrated diagonal lines but some of those lines drive me off the page but overall good work

  3. The design and layout are good, Yellow background is really eye catching. The Blue writing is very stark contrast. It could be a bit lighter to be easier on the eyes.

  4. I like the way you created the title and subtitle. It drags attention to them without giving them too much space.

  5. I really like this poster. The yellow is eye catching and engaging, and the diagonal lines do a good job of making the background more dynamic while leading the eye around the page, all without overpowering the words. Of all the posters this one does the best job in providing all the necessary information in a very straightforward, instantly understandable way, so that anyone passing by with only a few seconds to notice could easily gather the information they need. Great job!

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