Assignment 103 – Yuk Ming Leung

assignment 3

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  1. I like your poster. Especially, your texture that you use on background and letter. And, where did you get the picture in the center? did you make it? it is really cool

  2. So Awesome!!!! It’s amazing!!
    I like it so much
    I love the background you chose and the white words really come out.
    I love the way you make the “Architecture”
    It make the whole poster interesting.

  3. the picture you choose is really sharp and really catch my eye. great job!! the poster just make me want to read and know some details from it. well done.

  4. Nice background graphic. and very good composition of dynamic and balanced elements. However there is some irrelevant text in the middle left side of your poster which I am not sure what it is.

  5. Very dramatic and sophisticated impact, excellent use of texture, contrast, and rule of thirds. Lecture details could be brought out more to stand up to dominating graphic. Unique and inspired!

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