Assignment 4 – Nicholas Mobley

I chose the Collie as my original basis and removed the hat from the picture. This allowed me to make a stand-alone dog or wolf. After I drew the Collie I drew the ground below, however with my idea to change the collie to a wolf, I made the ground a river and lowered the legs so it looked like the wolf was standing on the rock in the middle of the winter while water droplets splashed up.

Comments (3)

  1. The cool colors all go very well with each other. And you did a really accurate job of recreating the original. It would’ve been cool if you added a different twist after you omitted the hat. Overall, I like it!

  2. I honestly agree with you, the legs actually proved to be the most challenging part of really putting this together. The original picture had the back legs higher up, but the legs were extended into the water. In hindsight, my first real experiment with curved lines on the pen tool was more challenging than I thought.

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