Assignment10- Kyoko Sakakida

This is a picture of tree in front of our classroom. I layout this image by using grid lines to highlight the figure of tree. In addition, by putting the tree in the center of the picture, I could feel like I am there. I think I succeed overlapping layers because the tree stands in front, and a building and sky work as a background layers. Hence, I can feel the depth in it. It looks like a symmetry, but the tree is tilting to right a little, and clouds move to right side, so it balanced well. Photoshop also did a great job to highlight colors. This picture has red, green, and blue, so I played with levels, curves, and pop, luminosity, and choose the best coloring photograph.

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  1. By your editing, image of the tree and the sky in the picture became more clean and stood out. Especially, the colors are emphasized and it looks more professional.

  2. I really like the composition of this photograph because it follows the rule of thirds and symmetry. Your edits were also great because you can see huge improvements on the green and blue tones as well as the enhanced lighting and shadows.

  3. Nice use of the rules of thirds and symmetry, also you did a great job at extracting the colors from this image and
    making it look more surreal and crisp

  4. Even though the image doesn’t use rule of thirds I still think the original photo is already really good with the tree in the center. I agree that you did a really good job with layers and that the way you made the colors in the sky and tree pop both compliment each other very well. You worked very well in levels making the white in the clouds pop out more.

  5. Centering the tree makes it take the eye of your audience very quickly, and gives all of us a new perspective of something we walk past every day. The color saturation & contrast is maybe a little farther than I would have gone, but great job nonetheless!

  6. I was drawn by the sense of symmetry and overall composition of the photo. Bringing out the colors of the sky also gave a bit of surrealism into the photo which I respect.

  7. Really like the image.It has color balance tho what you did made the sky and the tree even more colorful than eye seeing. I do agree that the color changes made it kinda surrealism. Also, that why I like the your picture. Great!

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