I took this picture in the golden gate park. I used curves( traditional S curves). To emphasize the color of red and green, I used pop channel. Red channel increased to 118% and decrease the Green and Blue Channel by -9%. At the same time, Green channel increased to 118% and decrease the Red and Blue by -9%. The biggest part that I changed is that I used dodge and burn operations. I burned margin side of the picture and dodged center part. Especially a person who is in the center was emphasized. I also cropped the picture to make 8.5x11 size.

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  1. I really like this image because it highlights the person in the photo even though they aren’t looking at the camera. The color saturation on the girl’s pants which really provide as a focus that pops out behind the otherwise neutral background.

  2. deepening the shadow and highlighting the figure adds a surreal quality. It reminds me of how an architecture twilight image looks. Seems to make the figure look cut out. At first it seems like a simple picture yet their is a lot going on with the flag and yellow car.

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