Assignment101 – Jefferson Frans Tan

I took a picture of my model and it doesn't look contrast enough and it is a little bit blur. I used levels, channel mixer, curves, and brightness to adjust the picture. I've tried to make the color black and white, but it did not turn good because the main thing is not colorful.

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  1. Wow. This picture’s really HD. I like how its colors popped out and projected more than the background. Also, I feel like the black and white background didn’t work for you because the subject isn’t as solid as it should be, therefore making it have lest contrast than it should.

  2. Interesting experimentation with color. I’m glad you haven’t gone with a black and white photo. While the color balance is done well, The contrast levels are set too high, and certain articles in the image have distracting bright highlights. I would recommend you to lower the brightness around certain objects, specifically the scissors, the tape and the blade.

  3. The macro picture that you took was really interesting for me because the picture is in HD where it really shows all the detail of the object although it was a bit blurry but I think you’re doing a great job on the edited picture where you increase the contrast of the picture.

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