Assignment101–Meiqi Lin

How I took the picture:
This picture was taken at the Pacific Ocean Park last weekend. It was a sunny day; the weather was pretty nice. I used the rule of third for this picture. I emphasized the rock which along the seacoast. The color of sky is from sky blue to white and invisible. It connected with the ocean, and it is hard to tell them apart. It was such a beautiful view.

How I edited the picture:
Because the original picture doesn’t have enough sunlight, the blue is not sky blue. I don’t like the color, so I adjusted the level, and made grayish blue to sky blue. And then I used “curve” to adjust the color of the sea at the edge darker, and made the color of sea along the stone lighter. After that, I chose channel mixer, and changed the output channel to “red”. Then I set the percentages of “red” “blue” and “green” to “116%””-8%”and “-8%”.

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