First of all, I used photoshop to fix small details such as blackheads, etc. Then I added an effect to it by using lightroom to enhance the colors of the whole picture, gave more depth to black objects such as my hair and made colorful parts of the picture more realistic such as the reflected light and lips. After that I pulled back the upgraded file back to photoshop to apply all the effects that we were taught (channel mixer RGB +116,-8,-8; pop effect) to make the photo more color rich. I also worked on black and white adjustments (brightness, dodge&burn, curves> both white and black is lifted up (not traditional S shape), levels).

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Second year architecture student in DVC.

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  1. I think your work is very good! I see a very good color solution in your photo. The original photo is very pale and not expressive, but after post-processing everything changed. After the work done, the face, eyes and rays of light falling on the face become very expressive, saturated, and the person in the photo immediately attracts attention. The most amazing detail is how you emphasized the light falling on the iris of the eye. Great work!

  2. This photograph is really eye catching, I was captivated by it once I scrolled to your photo. You managed to capture the guy at the right moment so that the rainbow catches his eye. It’s really amazing too how you can edit al of the colors so that they all stand out.

  3. I like your work ! it is really good. I see you have mastered in making a photo. The original photo is amazing but the way you edit your image makes it more interesting! It really lighten up the colour of your photo.

  4. Beautiful photo to work with! Post processing was the cherry on top. The only thing I would’ve said abut the original picture was the lighting which you fixed with editing. Excited to see more of your work!

  5. The original photo looks flat in comparison to the processed photo. There is definitely more depth and you can see the contours of the face better. Enhancing the colors of the skin tone and the rainbow speckles adds to the moodyness in addition to the subject’s glare.

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