Assignment102 – Payam Golestani

blue_cloud_planet-23043 clouds-background-6924603 Fall-15_ARCHI135A_AS102_E03 Shiprock-1306 Skiline-1205

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  1. Your bleeding photo gives me lots of fantasies about outside of the earth.
    you mixed very well. Especially, you converted one of your photos. i like your idea.

  2. the photos looks just like nature! I like the photo you make, the adjustment you made is just fit the environment of space. I can see you use make graphic photo to make imagination just like real.

  3. What is most inexpressive about your finale picture, is the quality and attention to the detail and realistic effects of the clouds in the city buildings. I also notice you applied the city very nicely to the boulder. Overall great choice of photos.
    Side note. There is a mistake in the sky: Unfortunately a piece of sky got cut off.

  4. Your final image looks great. It looks like you took a picture of an existing place. Great job editing the images!

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