I took this picture two weeks ago, right around before our sky gotten red due to the ashes from the unprecedented wildfires.

I Created a new layer to lighten up some areas such as the breakage of the waves at the bottom of the picture, right above the very dark grass, and the water. Also, I played a bit with the Pop feature. to bring up the sunset colors. I like the composition of this photograph and how one can see the details better.

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  1. The picture looks way better. I love the colors and how intense they are. I also like the composition and how the objects contrast with the sky.

  2. I think the scenery of sunset is really beautiful. The gradual color makes people want to take pictures. The structure of the photo is also very good. The sunset as the background and the street lights are very cool

  3. The intensity of the colors really brings out when you used those techniques! You nailed it! It makes me want to post it on my bedroom! It’s very scenic!

  4. I love sunset! This picture is what you actually see when you look at the sunset!. The intensity of the orange color is very right and the silhouette of the street lights are perfect too.

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