Assignments 101- Audrey Ellen Pukarta

In making the picture I tried to use the rule of the third. Moreover I also use some shaping which is formed by the blurry grass near the flower. It will makes you see the object I was pointing. Furthermore, to make the images looks far more interesting, I applied levels to decided the part that I want to be dark and which one I want it to be lighter. I choose the grass to be darker because it will make it easier for viewers to see the main object which is flower. Next, I applied curves to make the dark and light more contrast. Then, I applied vibrance and saturation, this filter help me to bring up color to the flower and make it more eye catching. The color mixer also be a lot of helper to the color. Lastly I apllied dodge and burn. I applied burn to the grass because it is not the part I am trying to make it the main focus. I applied dodge to the flower to make it more eye catching.

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  1. I like how you adjust the photo. All the colors pop up, however, the yellow is more standing out and emphasizes the image of focal spot in the whole picture. Great job!

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