Assignment 204

Modeling & Rendering Light Fixtures

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For this assignment, you will design and model 2 light fixtures using appropriate materials, lighting, etc. and perform several renderings using the V-Ray rendering engine.

Part 1:

  • Please design and model 2 light fixtures that can be used in your Assignment 205. One light fixture should be for outside use and the other should be for interior use. Please be detailed and precise. You will be graded on the quality of your design as well as the quality of your renderings.
  • Your light fixtures should contain solid and transparent materials as well as its own light source. Light fixtures will often also have an emissive material to indicate the bulb position (and glow).
  • Please also define an appropriate environment (this should be placed inside (1 fixture) and outside (1 fixture) your Assignment 205 building and should have a night HDRI background).

Part 2:

  • Create two “perfect” renderings of each light fixture, one should be a daytime view and the other should be a night view. You do not need to show the surrounding context, only the light fixture itself.
  • Post your light fixture to the course webiste with your best rendering as the featured image.  Please include your .3dm file and all your materials. Make sure to categorize your post under the “Rhino Blocks” section on the right.
  • You should create 2 posts for this Assignment, 1 post for each light fixture. Posts should be made to the course website (in gallery or sideshow format) by Wednesday 11/18.
  • Please comment on at least 3 of your fellow students’ light fixtures.