Assignment 201

Modeling & Rendering a Table & Chair

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For this assignment, you will design and model a table and chair using appropriate materials and texture maps. You will create 3 views of your scene using V-Ray rendering engine.

Part 1: 

  • Please design and model a table and chair (you can do more than one chair if you wish). Please be detailed and precise. You will be graded on the quality of your design, the quality of modeling, and the quality of your renderings.
  • You should assign materials as appropriate in your scene and your scene must have at least 2 materials. You should adjust texture mapping as appropriate in your scene.
  • You should not create an environment or sun system for this assignment. Your table and chair(s) should sit freely on a white infinite plane and should contain no additional context.

Part 2:

  • Create three “perfect” renderings of your table and chairs. Save these images to your flash drive.
  • Follow the tutorial on the back of this sheet to upload your three images to the course website (the images should appear in gallery/slideshow format with your best rendering as the featured image).
  • Print your best image (or all 3) as 8.5 x 11 (letter sized) prints on the C5500 color printer here at DVC. You will not get these images returned to you.
  • You must post your work before the start of class on Wednesday 10/3.
  • Please comment on at least 3 of your fellow students’ table & chair(s).

Please comment on at least 3 of your fellow students’ table & chair(s).

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