Assignment 202

Topographic Physical Models

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In this assignment, you will explore the link between 3D computer modeling in Rhinoceros and physical modeling using the laser cutter at DVC. You will be taught to use the laser cutter prior to completing this assignment. No prior experience is necessary. You will need at least two 12”x 24” sheets of material to make your model. The exact material is up to you, though it should be 1/16”-5/32” thick and cannot be foamcore (it will melt in the laser cutter).

Part 1: Preparing for Assignment 202

  • Please complete Exercise 212 & 213 if you haven’t already completed it.

Part 2: Building the digital files for the physical model

  • Using the topography you created in Exercise 212/213 (or a different site of your choice), you will now need to create 3D preparations for building your physical model. Please follow Physical Modeling 6.1 [topography method 1] to create your physical model of the topography. Measure your material carefully as it will impact the contour lines you create.
  • Your topographic model should be at an appropriate scale and measure 11” x 17” when finished.

Part 3: Posting your digital file:

  • Please post a rendering of your topography as well as your AutoCAD .dwg file to the course website by the start of class on Wednesday, March 14th.

Part 4: Turning in your physical model

  • You will need to turn in your physical topographic model on Wednesday, April 4th. You can start cutting on Wednesday, March 7th after class.
    • Note: you will need to visit the laser lab and/or sign up for a time to cut your topography based on the schedule posted on the door. Your file should be ready to cut when you arrive. Make sure to have red and blue layers with a lineweight of 0.00 selected.
    • Note: You will need to assemble your laser cut model. I will demonstrate this method in the class. You can use the other half of ET103 to do this assembly. Please only make cuts on the cutting mats provided. Also, I would suggest using Aileen’s Tacky Glue to assemble your topography. You may need to back-cut some of the topography steps in order to accommodate the topographic cutouts.