Assignment 203

Rhinoceros Modeling & V-Ray Rendering of a Skyscraper

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For this assignment, you will use the skills learned in Exercise 214, 215, 216 & 217 to design and render a 3D model of a skyscraper. You will also learn to unroll surfaces for physical modeling.

Part 1:

  • Please design a twisting/bulging tower with a base and height that fits within a 100’x200’x808’ building envelope. (4' between each floor, lobby/first floor 20' clear, all other floors 12' clear.  Floor to floor is 16' except for lobby/first floor which is 24')
    • Note: This building is larger than the one you created in Exercise 214. You will need to create a new building for this Assignment.
  • On a new layer, duplicate the exterior surface of your building. Using texture mapping techniques, apply appropriate materials to your 3D model.
  • Use a block reference of San Francisco to add context to your building (this was demonstrated in the lecture). You may also wish to create a proxy object to make working with the scene easier.

Part 2:

  • Establish a background HDRI image (V-Ray 8.26 [HDRI + Sunlight])for reflections and a V-Ray sun system (V-Ray 8.17 [sun])for your cityscape.
  • Use the physical camera to properly expose the scene and perform at least 3 800x600 pixel renderings. One should be at eye level on the street looking up.

Part 3: 3D printing

  • Following your work in Exercise 217, you should create a watertight object (no naked edges) and export a scaled-down .stl file for 3D printing.  You will upload this file with your post below.
    • Note:  I'm working out the logistics of 3D printing everyone's files and will update you as I work through the details.  You still need to post your file on-time below (see below).

Part 4:

  • Follow Rhino 5.21 [loft] & Rhino 5.22 [unrollsrf] to create an unrolled surface for your building. Use File>Print to create a .jpg image of your unrolled surfaces.
  • Upload your unrolled surface .jpg and your 3 images from Part 2 to the course website as a slideshow and/or gallery. You should also upload your water-tight .stl file to this post.  This assignment is due on Monday 4/13.  You should comment on this assignment.