Assignment 202

Topographic Physical Models

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In this assignment, you will explore the link between 3D computer modeling in Rhinoceros and physical modeling using a laser cutter. Due to the "virtual learning environment" this semester, you will not actually cut and assemble a physical model in this Assignment.  You will instead, just create the AutoCAD files necessary to build the physical model.

Part 1: Preparing for Assignment 202

  • Please complete Exercise 212 & 213 if you haven’t already completed them.

Part 2: Building the digital files for the physical model

  • Using the topography you created in Exercise 212/213 (or a different site of your choice), you will now need to create 3D preparations for building your physical model. Please follow Physical Modeling 6.1 [topography method 1] to create your physical model of the topography. Measure your material carefully as it will impact the contour lines you create (This semester, you should use material thickness of 5/32".)
  • Your topographic model should be at an appropriate scale and measure 11” x 17” when finished.

Part 3: Posting your digital file:

  • Please post a screen capture of your topography (showing red/blue laser cutting lines) as well as your AutoCAD .dwg file to the course website on Monday, March 22nd, by midnight.

Part 4: Understanding Assembly (Optional)

  • Since we cannot use the laser cutters remotely, You will not be required to assemble the physical model as part of this assignment.  I would still like you to understand the mechanics of assembling the model.  Please watch the video below for your reference, it is only 15 minutes (and there is a surprise at 8:45 for your viewing pleasure!)
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