Assignment 3

Rhinoceros Modeling & Physical Modeling of a Skyscraper


For this assignment, you will use the skills learned in exercise 10.15 and 10.16 to design and build both a three dimensional computer model of a skyscraper.

Part 1:

  • Please design a twisting/bulging tower with a base and height that fits within a 200’x200’x1200’ building envelope.
  • On a new layer, duplicate the exterior surface of your building. Please spend time working with basic rhino materials to create a nice representation of your building. Please establish a directional light (sun) for the scene and feel free to add context (the neighboring buildings).
  • You will also need to create several representative renderings of your tower and arrange them on an 11x17 sheet in InDesign along with the unrolled surface created in Part 2 of this assignment. Please print this layout and post your the layout and each rendered image (and an image of your cuts) to the course website by Monday 4/1/13.

Part 2:

  • Follow Rhino Tutorials 5.21 & 5.22 (and Exercise 10.15 & 10.16) to create an unrolled surface for your building.
  • Use the unrolld surface in your 11 x 17 layout as an overlay/image. You do not need to include all unrolled surfaces on the poster. We will discuss layouts in class on Monday 3/25.

Download .pdf of Assignment 3

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