Assignment 2

Advanced Photo Editing, Combining Photographs


This assignment will push your abilities in Photoshop as well as your creativity. It is meant to be challenging and will finish with a showcase of you work at the start of class on Tuesday, September 21st. Your edited photograph should be in printed form (at least 8x10) and ready to hang up on the wall (bring tape!).


  • For this assignment, I’m asking you to show us something beyond what we see everyday. You will need to go out and photograph common objects, both from far away and at the macro scale. Using these photographs, you will combine two of them to create something out of the ordinary (a juxtaposition of scales, etc.) I will show you examples in class on Tuesday 9/14 or you can look at the course showcase for previous year examples.
  • You will likely work with each photograph on a separate layer, using the clone stamp tool, the lasso tool (with feather), the color range selection, the background erase tool, etc. to blend the two photographs together. I also encourage you to work with the various filters provided in the Filters menu (which we will explore in class)

Turning in your work:

  • Prior to the start of class on Tuesday 9/21/10, you need to post your final image to the course website.
  • At the start of class you will hang your physical print on the wall for everyone to view. I will then collect the work for grading.
  • If your work is not on the wall by the time we start, it will be marked late. (see late policy for how this hurts your grade).
  • You will need to comment on at least 3 other people’s work for this assignment.


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