Assignment 6

Modeling a Historical Building (20th Century or earlier)


For this assignment, you will be using SketchUp to model an exterior of a historical building. You will need to select and research a historical building of the 20th century or earlier. Please select one that is of particular interest to you! You will likely need to visit the library as well as use online resources. You will probably need to find a plan, elevation, and section of your building as well as numerous exterior photos. Scale is important in this exercise and I expect the building to be in proper proportion.

Part I

Select your building and begin researching it. After you have found plans, sections, elevations, and photographs, begin to model the building in SketchUp using the modeling techniques we have already learned. Start by massing out the building and adding progressively more detail.

Part II

Find 3 or more different views that represent your building and export them to a .png or .jpg. Create an 11x17 (tabloid) InDesign layout containing those images, the name of the building, and the name of the architect. Remember to use all of your graphic design skills for this layout.

Turning in your work:

Before class on Tuesday 11/16, please post a .jpg and a link to a .pdf of your work to the course website. You will also need to print your layout and turn it in before the start of class.

Download .pdf of Assignment 6

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