Assignment 101

Your Best Photograph

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We have been working to improve our photographic techniques and our abilities to post-process digital images. Using any/all of the techniques explained in class, you will make your “best” image. Pay careful attention to the mechanics of the photograph, the composition of the photograph, and the ways in which you can use software tools to enhance the photograph.

Part 1:

  • Select one image from the set of images you took in Exercise 104. If you are unhappy with your images, you may take another image, but the image should have been taken after 8/16. (For example, you can’t use an image that you shot over summer break!)
  • Using the techniques we have discussed in class, correct and enhance your digital image. This may include: levels adjustments, curves adjustments, channel mixing, dodge/burn operations, cloning, cropping and any other enhancements you can think of... (You may consult the tutorials posted online).
  • When you have completed your image, you must save your image using the File>Save As...

Part 2:

  • The final image may be in any ratio, though one dimension must be at least 8 inches. You could select an 8”x8” square, a 8”x10” print, a 4”x8” print, etc. Make sure to carefully think about how the final print size works with your desired composition.
  • Print your image using the school laser printer (HP C5550) or your home printer. The image must be printed on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Do not crop the paper down. This image will not be returned to you.

Part 3:

  • Prior to the start of class on Monday 9/14, you need to post your original image as well as your final image to the course website. Please indicate what, if any, corrections/enhancements you have performed on the photograph in a brief paragraph below the images in the posting. At the start of class you will also hand in your physical print. Your final image should be the featured image of your post.
  • Please recognize this is an ASSIGNMENT, and will be graded as such. Your skill in fine tuning your image will be graded as well as you design (manifested in the composition of the image). Remember, you also need to give comments/feedback to at least 3 of your classmates on this assignment.

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